Our Day at the Pumpkin Patch

 In the kiddie corn maze
 Going down the slides with Uncle Kyle and daddy
 Even the biggest slide couldn't get you to crack a smile. I'm sure next year you will love them!

Lovin' the hat from Grandma Vicki!

 In the patch with Nana Chelle
 Then we arrived at the pumpkin carving party

 Showing off your tricks
 I wanted you to get your hands dirty and play in the pumpkin guts
 But you just wanted to carve the pumpkin with your mouth
I guess we should have washed the pumpkin before we let you chew on it! I hope you grow up to love Halloween and this time of the year as much as I do.


ditzycristie said...

This is just so precious Nicole, I love this and one day Harper will too!!! I love you all!!

Lindsey & Tony said...

Holy Cow I can't believe how fast your little guy is growing! He is so cute!